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E7: The Change Agent

An economic development strategist for the City of Syracuse, Indaria Jones founded thelikeminded to provide a workspace for creative entrepreneurs and professionals.
Indaria Jones

I saw things in my community, problems, and I was kind of frustrated, but I also wanted people to know and bring awareness to change.


Indaria Jones



Side Hustle:

Founder, thelikeminded


Personal Brand and Marketing Strategist

Who is your hustle hero?

I love Beyoncé. We all love Beyoncé. Not as a person or for her name, but for her work ethic and her dedication to get things done. People don't really realize that behind the scenes part and how much you have to do to get on that stage and perform. I admire Beyoncé as a mother, as a black woman, a woman in entertainment, a hard worker, and for her growth.

Where have you found support in Syracuse for your side hustle?

When I started thelikeminded, I didn't really look for support at all. I didn't really have it. It just came to me. So I think all the support and stuff that I have now is from me — just put myself out there initially. But it's hard to try to gather support for business ideas and things without having those connections. That's why I built my tribe.

What's a Syracuse event not to miss?

Mine. Haha, psych. Victoria Coit, she's the founder of Cuse Culture Magazine, Cuse Culture Media Group now. And it has different networking events and mixers which are the bomb. Everyone is always there. Victoria's crowd is more professional. You might run into the CEOs and our mayor and all of that there. And at mine, you'll run into the creators, entrepreneurs, professionals, and the doers.

Indaria Jones
Indaria Jones, founder of thelikeminded, got her start as an entrepreneur when she founded her own clothing line, "fcktheclosedminded," which served as the inspiration for making a network and co-working space for creatives. Photo by Weng Cheong.

Quote you live by?

"Make a commitment and remain consistent." And: "Fall down eight times, get up ten."

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