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E6: The Laughs of Strangers

Torrance Jackson spends his days as a forklift operator. At night, he’s a stand-up comedian, acting on a desire to make people light up, feel good, and laugh.
Mr. Jaxn

If I’m in a room of 50 people and I make one person laugh, I’m satisfied.


Torrance Jackson (aka Mr. Jaxn)



Side Hustle:

Stand-up Comedian


Forklift Operator

Who is your hustle hero?

Any comedians that get on stage and try to make strangers laugh. You have to tip your hat to them.

Where do you get your materials?

I come up with my own jokes from everyday life and headline news.

Where have you found support in Syracuse for your side hustle?

A group of comedians here in Syracuse are all friends.

Mr. Jaxn
Mr. Jaxn’s been a comic his whole life — from his days being a class clown in school to his work today as a stand-up comedian. He dreams of the day he becomes a headliner and earns a living solely by making people laugh. But for now, he works to earn laughs after he steps away from the forklift. Photo by Sara Lafkir.

What is a quote you live by?

"You have to crawl before you walk."

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